Friday, 28 May 2021 Inter RAO Group Consolidated Financial and Operating Results for 1Q of 2021.
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Water resources Use

Water resources Use

Water consumption

In accordance with the approved Declaration on Environmental Responsibility, Inter RAO implements measures aimed at reducing water consumption by implementing, as appropriate, water recycling and recirculation systems, water use accounting, eliminating water losses, improving the quality of operation, and repairing utility networks.

-31 % Decrease in wastewater discharges in 2019 y-o-y.

The Group’s power plants carry out activities aimed at increasing the share of industrial water reuse and reducing wastewater, comprising (among others)

  • Reconstruction and modernization of cooling towers aimed at increasing the share of recycled water in the production process.
  • Use of conditionally clean wastewater pumps.
  • Implementation of solutions to ensure wastewater recycling.
  • Implementation of the correctional regime of cooling towers with the use of scale inhibitors was developed considering the refusal of using reagents that are inefficient in the current conditions.
  • Reduction in water consumption of the Group's heating network assets is achieved by reducing the heating network recharge while reducing losses in the heating network.

Water disposal

The facilities of Inter RAO perform the discharge and drainage of wastewater in strict compliance with the Russian law and based on permits to use water bodies for wastewater and drainage water duly issued by the executive authorities and subject to the permissible discharge standard. The quality of wastewater is governed by the duly approved standards for the permissible discharge of pollutants and microorganisms into a water body.

In 2019, the wastewater discharged amounted to 4,354 mln cub. m, which is 31% less compared to 2018. The decrease is partly due to an increase in the share of recycled water supply. The share of regulatory clean water in the total water disposal is at least 99.2%.

Total Wastewater Discharge

Water discharge, mln cub. m 2017 2018 2019 Change, %

Water discharge, including:

5 962

5 717

4 354


Discharged to third parties





Discharged to surface water bodies, including:

5 957

5 712

4 349


Regulatory clean

5 941

5 672

4 313


Treated to standard level





Insufficiently treated





Polluted without treatment





For regulatory clean water in total water discharge, %