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Address by CEO

PJSC Inter RAO executives attach great importance to anti-corruption measures and ensure full compliance with Russian laws, laws of countries where Inter RAO Group companies operate, and international conventions on anti-corruption issues to meet the highest standards of business ethics and business culture.

The Company executives fully support state anti-corruption policy. The Board of Directors of PJSC Inter RAO approved the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy, and other Group companies joined it. The Group developed and introduced the regulatory framework and a set of anti-corruption measures, and mechanisms for identifying corruption were created. PJSC Inter RAO established the standing Anti-Corruption Action Commission. The Commission coordinates and monitors current anti-corruption actions in the Group.

The effectiveness of the measures taken depends largely on employee integrity. Therefore, PJSC Inter RAO executives attach great importance to developing an anti-corruption mindset of employees, which means zero tolerance to any forms of corruption. We are aware that an example shown by the Company executives plays an important role in forming this type of mindset. Therefore, I call on all Group employees, our partners and counterparties to strictly comply with requirements, prohibitions, restrictions and ethical standards. The Company executives also confirm that their actions and decisions will be based on the principles which other employees are expected to adhere to.

To inform the Company executives about illegal acts, which are being prepared or have already been committed, including cases of corruption, Inter RAO Group established a single Hotline. We welcome employees and any persons interested in fighting corruption. When requests are received by the Hotline and considered, we guarantee confidentiality and protection of persons who report on illegal acts. We assure you that all persons who do not comply with anti-corruption requirements will have relevant liability for that.

The Company executives are obliged to report on all known cases of corruption among employees or other persons to law enforcement agencies.

Our common goal is to ensure zero tolerance to any form of corruption, and transparency of business, which provide for long-term sustainable development of Inter RAO Group.

B. Kovalchuk

Anti-corruption actions of PJSC Inter RAO

A base of internal regulatory documents on anti-corruption action has been developed and is regularly improved and updated, including corporate documents:

2. The Anti-Corruption Commission of PJSC Inter RAO has been established and is functioning.

The Commission does the following:

  • coordinating and monitoring current measures to prevent and combat corruption in the Group;
  • considering and approving annual Plans of measures against fraud and corruption and reports on their implementation before their approval by the Company's CEO;
  • settling conflicts of interest based on notifications from employees or officials of the Company of their emergence or possibility of emergence;
  • considering and developing recommendations for making transactions / operations with high risk of corruption;
  • considering issues related to violation of anti-corruption laws, prohibitions, restrictions and obligations in relation to anti-corruption measures adopted in the Company by the Company employees;
  • considering issues related to preparing and submitting information on income, property and obligations related to property by Group executives;
  • considering other issues related to organization and methodology of anti-corruption measures.

3. Anti-corruption expert review of draft regulatory documents of federal executive authorities, internal regulatory documents and organizational and administrative documents of the Company.

4. Periodic (at least once a year) assessment of corruption risks and making a List of functions and positions related to high risk of corruption, approved by CEO order.

5. Identifying signs of fraud and corruption in business processes and operations connected with corruption risks to prevent realization of such risks in a timely manner.

6. Investigating suspected cases of fraud and corruption or prerequisites for them.

7. Reporting on income, property and property-related obligations every year by executives of PJSC Inter RAO and its subsidiaries.

8. Cooperating with state supervisory bodies and law enforcement agencies in anti-corruption measures.

9. Regularly informing, providing advice and training employees in terms of anti-corruption laws, measures taken by the Group, and anti-corruption requirements.

10. Exercising control over employees' compliance with anti-corruption laws, prohibitions adopted in the Group, restrictions and obligations in relation to anti-corruption measures.