Friday, 14 May 2021 Inter RAO Group Consolidated Financial and Operating Results for 1Q of 2021.
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The Group uses its best efforts to eliminate the corrupt practices that may result in penalties and sanctions with respect to the Group legal entities and officials, as well as endanger the business reputation of the Group and its credibility before the stakeholders.

The priority of the Company and its controlled entities is to exclude any possibility of implementing any precedents showing the signs of corruption offenses and to maintain a sense of commitment to the highest ethical values in the Group's employees.

To prevent corruption risks, Inter RAO has approved a unified Anti-Corruption Policy, established a System to combat fraud and corruption that covers 100% of its activities, established authorized commissions and working groups, whose competence includes a review of issues relating to countering fraud and corruption and managing conflicts of interests. Procedures for identifying and assessing corruption risks are conducted on a regular basis, followed by the formation of a List of Functions associated with corruption risks and a List of Positions relating to corruption risks. The Company's Board of Directors is regularly provided with reports on implemented anti-corruption measures and the effectiveness of the anti-fraud and anti-corruption system.

Mechanisms for requesting advice in cases of and reporting of unethical behavior are described in the Code of Corporate Ethics, Section 12.

To send a message about signs of fraud, theft, and corruption in Inter RAO Group, go to the Hotline for ethics and compliance issues section using the link.