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Antitrust compliance

Inter RAO Group business activity affects almost all areas of the economy and a wide range of people. The activities of the Group, such as the generation and sale of electricity and heat, are objectively associated with the risks of violating antitrust laws.

To achieve the tasks of both building an effective system for the prevention of antitrust violations and developing the Group's Compliance Policy, the Board of Directors of the Company, based on the Code of Corporate Ethics, approved the decision concerning the Antitrust Compliance Policy on November 30, 2018. This created the foundation for implementing the principles, rules and measures aimed at general and private prevention of violations, contributing to minimization of antitrust risks and offering the most comprehensive protection to the interests of the Group's customers.

Antitrust compliance is designed to create conditions that motivate all Group employees to self-control and self-discipline, virtually eliminating the chance for any antitrust violations to occur.

The companies of the Group have joined the Antitrust Compliance Policy approved by the above decision of the Board of Directors of PJSC Inter RAO. Tamara Merebashvili, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Corporate and Property Relations Unit and Corporate Secretary of PJSC Inter RAO has been appointed as the responsible executive for the Group antitrust compliance.

If you suspect an antitrust violation, you must immediately report it to the