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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Inter RAO Group operates on the basis of the established business standards, one of which is the compliance with the principles of sustainable development. The purpose of following these principles is to fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders by the integrated economic, social and environmental development of the Group, which shall meet current needs, and not endanger the opportunities and aspirations of future generations.

Principles of Inter RAO Group’s Sustainable Development Policy:

  • increasing economic efficiency in the interests of shareholders;
  • ensuring quality, reliability, and operational safety;
  • meeting public demand when creating a business development strategy;
  • promoting sustainable economic and social performance in the regions where the Company operates;
  • promoting the development and expansion of efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies;
  • protecting the life, health, labor activity, and career longevity of the employees;
  • observing human rights and avoiding any forms of discrimination;
  • developing social partnerships;
  • combating corruption;
  • promoting sustainable development principles within the business community;
  • maintaining relations with internal and external stakeholders on a balance of interests and mutual benefits.

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