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Phone number for shareholders: 8–800–700–03–70
(JSC VTB Registrator, free call in Russia)
Bolshaya Pirogovskaya ulitsa, 27 building 2, Moskva, Russia, 119435  ·   +7 (495) 664–88–40   ·

Company Profile

Inter RAO Group is a diversified energy holding with a presence across multiple sectors in Russia and abroad. In Russia, it is a leader in the export and import of electricity and is actively expanding its operations generation and distribution segments, while also developing new business. Inter RAO Group strategy is aimed at creating a global energy company and becoming a key player in the global energy market. The aggregate capacity of power plants under Inter RAO Group control is about 30.8 GW for today.

The Company was established in early 2008 on the basis of CJSC INTER RAO UES and a number of Russian generating assets which were transferred to the former as a part of the Russian power sector reform.

CJSC INTER RAO UES was created in 1997 by its founder,
JSC RAO UES of Russia, under Decree №13p adopted on August 20, 1996,
in accordance with the Civil Code of Russian Federation,
the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies and other laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.
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Company Operations

Generation in Russia
Inter RAO Group operates 41 thermal and 10 hydro power plants (including 5 small-scale HPPs), 2 wind farms and 6 small-scale plants (gas-turbine and gas reciprocating units).
Electricity Supply in Russia
Inter RAO's retail business division manages power supply companies (so called "guaranteeing suppliers") as well as companies that sell electricity to large industrial consumers
Inter RAO is a Russian electricity importer and exporter. It is also an active trader on the Russian Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).
International Business
Inter RAO is active in various segments of the international energy market outside Russia: trading, generation, electricity infrastructure management, sales, engineering.