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Training and development

5,766 RUB Specific cost of training one employee
37 hours Average duration of training

The Group’s companies have a mentoring system and special adaptation programs in place. Mentoring reduces the job adaptation period and helps employees assimilate and adopt the existing standards and rules at the Group. This all combines to create an atmosphere of trust in the workforce. In the reporting year, the programs that were developed for staff adaptation after the induction period began to work more efficiently, which reduced turnover among young professionals.

The most relevant areas for the training and development of Inter RAO staff (in addition to mandatory programs) in 2020 were:

  • Improving and maintaining employees’ professional skills.
  • Simulation training for operational personnel.
  • Training sessions to develop a range of non-specialized, cross-cutting skills that promote their successful participation in the work process and a high level of productivity (project management, planning, time management, and situational leadership).
  • Training as part of talent pool preparation programs (development of managerial and professional skills among talent pool members).

Personnel training is carried out in various forms, including intramural attendance, practical training, and internships; online training, such as webinars and online courses, as well as micro-learning, is actively used.

Average traning duration
37 hours