Friday, 28 May 2021 Inter RAO Group Consolidated Financial and Operating Results for 1Q of 2021.
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Labor Protection and Industrial Safety

Labor Protection and Industrial Safety
0.1031 Injury Frequency Rate in 2019
RUB 1.91 bln Investments in labor protection 2019
21,721 Employees of the Group completed labor protection and industrial safety training in 2019

One of the key priorities of Inter RAO Group is the management of labor protection, industrial, fire, and environmental safety during production activities.

The main objectives of labor protection, industrial, fire, and environmental safety comprise

  • Preventing injuries and occupational diseases of employees of the companies of the Group at all stages of production processes.
  • Minimizing the negative impact on the population and environment as a result of production and business activities of the companies of the Group.
  • Preventing accidents, fires, and process breaches during the operation of process equipment, buildings, and structures of energy facilities.
  • Ensuring the creation and use of uniform requirements for the arrangement of industrial control over compliance with the labor protection and occupational safety requirements and training of employees.

In 2019, the total injury rate coefficient among the Group employees did not exceed the value of the target indicator (≤ 0.3530) and amounted to 0.1031, due to the measures taken in the reporting year. There were no cases of injuries to third parties from the interaction with the assets of the Company.

To minimize injuries, Inter RAO regularly evaluates the efficiency of the measures to prevent incidents, occupational diseases, and accidents, and also takes corrective and preventive measures, including those aimed at safety improvement. Labor protection, industrial, fire, and environmental safety management system sets forth a uniform procedure for all companies of the Group to arrange and conduct labor protection, industrial and fire safety activities including a five-stage control system that provides for the check of business units and contractors activities to ensure safety and labor protection for employees and third parties. In accordance with working conditions set forth for each facility specifically, each subsidiary and its branches have special comprehensive programs to improve the working conditions and prevent injuries.

To maintain a high level of labor protection and production safety, Inter RAO is increasing investment in labor protection. In 2019, investments allocated in this area were increased by 44% compared to 2018 and amounted to RUB 1.91 bln, or RUB 39,000 per employee. The increase in costs is associated with an increase in measures to improve the working conditions, as well as with the implementation of additional sanitary and hygienic measures to prevent occupational diseases.

Labor protection training and knowledge assessment

Labor protection training is arranged in accordance with the Procedure for labor protection training and knowledge assessment for organizations as approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Ministry of Education with Decree No. 1/29 dated January 13, 2003, as well as the Rules for Work with Staff in Organizations of Electric Power Industry of the Russian Federation as approved by Ministry of Fuel and Energy by Order No. 49 dated February 19, 2000. The training programs for employees are free of charge and are conducted both off-site (in training centers) and on-site (at the enterprise). Time spent by the employee for training is paid by the employer subject to the applicable terms and is considered official working hours.

In 2019, 21,721 employees and safety representatives completed safety training and knowledge assessment.