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Efficient Waste Management

Эффективное обращение с отходами производства

Solid substances released from coal combustion (ash and slag waste) is the main waste type at power facilities of the Group. Ash and slag wastes form over 98% of the total released wastes of the Group.

According to legislation, Inter RAO Group develops drafts of standards for waste generation and disposal limits. As for environmental impacts, ash and slag wastes belong to Class V of danger, which means they make the minimal environmental impact.

In 2017, the ash and slag volume at power facilities of the Group decreased by 10.7 thousand tonnes compared to 2016. At the enterprises of BGC LLC, the equipment for sludge dewatering during the mechanical treatment of natural water was installed, making it possible to minimize the negative environmental impact by eliminating slime water storage facilities. Solids obtained as a result of mechanical treatment are categorized as "Soil" by-products.

It is worth noting that selective collection of certain waste types is introduced at power plants of the Group for further disposal.