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Inter RAO Group understands, that the conservation of diversity has a big economic and environmental importance, and therefore it develops the plans and measures to reduce the negative impact on water objects in order to compensate the impact to biological resources:

  • In 2018, the works were carried out to assess the effectiveness of fish protection devices of Perm and Iriklinskaya CHPPs, and new fish protection grids were installed at BashRTS (Sterlitamak) LLC.
  • The employees of Perm SDPS released 400 thousand sterlet fry into the Prikamye rivers in 2018. The stocking took place in Dobryansky, Usolsky and Perm regions.
  • Moldavskaya SDPS annually monitors the ecological status of the reservoir. The stocking of the Kuchurgan reservoir is carried out on the basis of these recommendations in the volumes necessary to reduce the level of the impact and compensate for the impact of the production activities of Moldavskaya SDPS. 4,180 thousand fry of aquatic fish species were received in the incubation workshop in spring 2018. 3,680 thousand were released into the reservoir as a compensatory stocking.
  • Iriklinskaya SDPS 12 thousand pieces of juvenile carp were released into the Iriklinsk reservoir.
  • Approximately 60 thousand fry of carp were released through the discharge channel of Gusinoozerskaya SDPD into Gusinoe Lake.
  • Kaliningrad Generation released 31 thousand whitefish fry into the Curonian Lagoon in 2018.
  • The measures on fish stocks restore are being taken;
  • The research on the study of water quality, ichthyofauna, and zooplankton in order to study the reasons for the increase of the concentration of pollutants in the water of the Kuchurgan reservoir and to develop the measures to minimize the impact on it, was carried out over the course of the year according to the order of Moldavskaya SDPS JSC, Ecomonitoring LLC. The received recommendations will be used in future when conducting the environmental activities.