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22 generating facilities of the Inter RAO Group use water from surface sources for production needs. In order to compensate for the damage caused to biological resources, measures are taken to preserve biological resources and reduce the negative impact on water objects, in particular:

  • 247.539 thousand of young sterlets which are equivalent to 400 thousand units taking into account conversion of weight per unit and stocking efficiency (conversion is made by Perm branch of Federal State Scientific Establishment “Berg State Research Institute on Lake and River Fisheries” (GosNIORH)) were released into Kama Reservoir;
  • 1.9 thousand of young carps were released into Iriklinsk Reservoir;
  • Compensatory stocking of Cuciurgan Reservoir of Moldavskaya TPP CJSC was conducted, namely: 9 million 720 thousand fish larvae were released (2.058 m grown-up zander larvae, 1.31 m silver carp larvae, 2.2 m grass carp larvae, 2.282 m roach larvae, 1.08 m bream larvae and 790 thousand crucian carp larvae), which is by 15% more than in 2016;
  • Complex electrical fish protection structure was put into operation on June 9, 2017 at the branch of Permskaya TPP, Inter RAO-Electrogeneration JSC. According to the project, the estimated average efficiency of the structure is equal to 85%.
  • Fishery research on impact assessment from operational wastes of the Gusinoozerskaya TPP branch on water biological environment of the Teli River and Lake Gusinoye was conducted. Temperature conditions of the waste channel are monitored on a regular basis.
  • Nizhnevartovskaya TPP was equipped with a deep scattering water outlet of storm drain pipe into the Vakh River, which allowed for minimization of the negative impact from released lukewarm water of direct cooling systems on processes related to the loss of water biological resources;
  • Measures for confirming efficiency of the fish protection at Iriklinskaya TPP branch of Inter RAO-Electrogeneration JSC were initiated, the completion of an undertaking is planned in 2018;
  • Construction of fish protection system at Cherepeyskaya TPP branch is in progress;
  • Angaro-Baikalsk Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fishery (Rosrybolovstvo) confirmed 99% efficiency of the complex electrical fish protection structure at the Kharanorskaya TPP branch.
  • Measures are taken to restore fish stocks:

  • In order to exclude deadlock and stagnant zones and mortality of fish in Cuciurgan Reservoir, Moldavskaya TPP CJSC took measures for water exchange intensification through water injected from the Turunchuk River in winter and water circulation into the reservoir with circulator pumps, which are not related to the production cycle, in summer
  • In order to investigate causes of increasing pollutant concentration in Cuciurgan Reservoir and develop measures for minimization of the impact, Ecomonitoring LLC researched quality indicators of water, micro flora and fauna, zooplankton, etc. during the year by order of Moldavskaya TPP CJSC. The given recommendations will be used for further environmental protection measures.