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Atmospheric air protection

Air protection

The activities aimed at reducing of the greenhouse gas emissions

The measures on increasing the energy efficiency of the production and reducing the specific fuel consumption, as well as the commissioning of new high-efficiency equipment and the decommissioning of obsolete equipment - all these measures are taken to reduce the volume and intensity of greenhouse gas emissions.

There was a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2016 and 2017 by 7.9% and 3.9%, respectively, due to the set of measures taken in recent years. The Group's gross volume of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 amounted to 81.3 million tons. The specific pollutant emissions per unit of output are decreased by 0.02 g/kW•h.

The assessment of greenhouse gas emissions is an integral part of the industrial environmental monitoring system for atmospheric air and is carried out on an annual basis for all Group generating facilities. The greenhouse gases are to be accounted following the Guidelines and guide on the quantitative determination of greenhouse gas emissions by organizations engaged in economic and other activities in the Russian Federation approved by the Order No. 300 of Russia Natural Resources Ministry, dated 30.06.2015.

The measures taken to reduce the emissions of pollutants

In general, the level of pollutant emissions decreased by 5.9% compared to 2017. Despite the local cases, in general, there is a dynamics of increasing fuel efficiency. Thus, the commissioning of the Zatonskay CHPP resulted in specific fuel consumption decreasing for electricity supply compared to the previous year at BGK LLC by 5.5 g/kW•h.

It is necessary to note, that the Group companies actively implement the projects aimed at reducing the air emissions. So, for example, the projects for the implementation of low-toxic burners were completed at the ninth and tenth boilers of Ufa CHPP-2 at BGK LLC, which will reduce the level of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Inter RAO Group verifies GHG emissions

Inter RAO Group verifies the Company's report on GHG direct emissions in 2018. The field verification of GHG direct emissions was conducted at Yuzhnouralskaya TPP, a branch of JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants.

As of December 31, 2018, the indicator was 81.3 Mton of CO2eq, which is a decrease of 3.3 Mton against 2017.

Deloitte's Assurance Report on Inter RAO 2018 GHG Emissions