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Hotline for ethics and compliance issues

Inter RAO Group has a PJSC Inter RAO Hotline to help ensure compliance with the Code of Corporate Ethics, including the implementation of anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures.

The Hotline is a system for collecting and processing information about violations of laws, regulations, and the Code of Corporate Ethics of PJSC Inter RAO, including signs and facts of fraud and corruption in Inter RAO Group and alleged willful actions or omissions of officials, that negatively affect the safety and efficient use of assets of the Group companies and the Inter RAO Group's reputation or are otherwise counter to the interests of the Group.

Using the Hotline, employees of Inter RAO Group companies and any interested persons can provide information about:

  • imminent or accomplished facts of corruption, fraud, and theft;
  • violations in procurement procedures;
  • violations of antimonopoly laws;
  • abuse of office and overreaching official powers;
  • violations of insider information laws;
  • other violations of the Code of Corporate Ethics or actions (omissions) that cause or may cause damage to the property or business reputation of Inter RAO Group.

Inter RAO Group adheres to a policy of zero tolerance for any violations of the law and the Company's internal regulations.

We are grateful to you for any calls to the Hotline that will help to prevent and eliminate the abovementioned violations. Please report as much detail about the violation as possible (date and time of the violation, company of the Group, department, information on offenders, circumstances of the violation, etc.).

To improve the effectiveness of the Hotline, please follow the following rules when sending a message:

  • the message must be related to the activities of Inter RAO Group companies;
  • it is not allowed to report deliberately false information that discredits the honor, dignity and business reputation of employees of the Group companies or other persons;
  • complaints about household problems and information about the private life of Company employees that is not related to their work shall not be considered;
  • complaints about quality of service, pricing, or tariffs shall not be considered. To get a reply or advice on current operating activities, please apply to the contact center of the Group company that renders services.

Each message, if it is created in accordance with the above rules, shall be investigated. The non-disclosure of the informer's identity and an objective investigation are guaranteed.

Any message can be sent to the Hotline anonymously. However, provision of the informer's contact details allows us to get all the necessary information for the subsequent effective consideration of the message and provide feedback.

In order to ensure the confidentiality and security of the transfer of information related to the activities of the Inter RAO Group companies, the authorized subdivision of PJSC “Inter RAO” is responsible for receiving and processing requests received via the Hotline.

Inter RAO Group guarantees that no sanctions can be applied to an employee, member of the management and control body, counterparty of the Group or any other person for communicating information to the Hotline in good faith. If any unfavorable measures have been taken against the applicant in connection with the provision of information to him/her, he/she has the right to contact the Hotline. The appeal will be sent to the Head of the economic and internal security  unit for verification and organization of protection in the manner determined by the company's internal regulatory documents.⁠

You can send a message to the PJSC Inter RAO Hotline in any of the following ways:

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