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Ecology Target Program

Ecology Target Program

To achieve its goals and deliver on its commitments in regard to environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources, the Group adopted and approved the Target ecological program for the period till 2020 with a view to 2030. In order to implement the environmental program, measures in the following areas are taken:

1. Compliance with standards and obligations

  • decrease in the share of polluted wastewater released into natural water bodies;
  • equipping all water intake areas with means for prevention of hydrobiological resources from damage in accordance with national regulatory requirements.

2. Environmental impact reduction

  • increase in the share of coal-fired boiler plants with specific emissions of solid particles which correspond to the best available technologies;
  • increase in the share of power plants which correspond to target values of nitrogen oxide emissions;
  • equipment of all first category power plants with monitoring tools measuring continuous emission by 2030.

3. Reduction of economic costs and environmental risks

  • maximization of the share of useful ash and slag materials;
  • decrease in the average annual fresh water industrial use.

4. Achieving the environmental agreement between stakeholders

  • implementation of the environmental management system by a certified independent organization (ISO 14001:2015) in all production subsidiaries by the end of 2030.