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Biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity conservation
RUB 24 million Inter RAO spent on projects to protect biodiversity in 2020.

Inter RAO carries out biodiversity conservation measures in five key areas:

  • Compensatory and ameliorative fish stocking.
  • Modernization of fish protection devices.
  • Conducting studies of the effectiveness of fish protection devices.
  • Environmental volunteering.

The most significant impact that power plants have on biodiversity is the potential risk of aquatic organisms dying in the water intake facilities of TPPs. In order to reduce these risks, all water intake facilities are equipped with fish protection facilities and the Company restocks water bodies with fish. The goals of fish stocking are to comply with environmental legislation, reproduce fish stocks in water bodies, and maintain the power plant’s high technical and economic indicators by preventing the reservoir from becoming overgrown.

Considering that no fish protection technologies can fully prevent the death of fish during the construction or operation of fence structures, work is being carried out with stakeholders to develop long-term, effective cooperation to determine and coordinate actions to ensure the conservation of aquatic biological resources and their habitat during the construction and operation of TPPs and CHPPs, and compensatory measures are being adopted to preserve and maintain biological resources.

Inter RAO’s generating facilities are not located within any nature reserves and do not border on territories with a high value of diversity or protected natural areas.

Inter RAO spent a total of RUB 24 million on projects to protect biodiversity in 2020.

Expenses on biodiversity preservation projects, RUB thousand 2018 2019 2020
Permskaya TPP 10 892 11 349 4 272
Cherepetskaya TPP 451 413 420
Kostromskaya TPP - 2 760 6 900
Irikinskaya TPP 2 140 550 887
Gusinoozyorskaya TPP 430 2 606 1 768
Verkhnetagiiskaya TPP - 401 21
Tomskaya TPP-2 1 240 60 8 237
Moldavskaya TPP - - 20
Karmanovskaya TPP 1 000 900 1 000
Kharanorskaya TPP - - 450
Total expenses 16 107 19 040 23 974