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Training And Development Of Personnel

Политика в области труда

The main goals of the Company's HR management are high levels of labor productivity, involvement by highly-skilled staff, continuous improvement of employee skills, corporate culture development, and improvement of the staff commitment.

For this topic, the priority tasks of the Inter RAO Group are:

  • improvement of the staff satisfaction level;
  • development of the Company's recruitment policy;
  • diversifying new employee adaptation methods;
  • development and introduction of new training courses;
  • improvement of payment and remuneration policies;
  • development of the internal communications system.

Company staff

The headcount of the Group at the end of the reporting period amounted to 48,586 employees.

The average age of the Group employees is 41 years. 73% of Group staff are under 50 years old.

Though the power industry is typically characterized by the gender imbalance with male dominance, the percentage of women among employees of the Company is rather high. The Company is committed to recruitment practices which fully prevent discrimination as stipulated by law. The Company's regulations set forth provisions which prevent any form of discrimination or harassment, including nationality, gender and age discrimination. No special gender targeting policies are applied.

The percentage of females at Inter RAO’s workforce has increased by 2% in 2017 in comparison to the previous reporting period.

Staff performance assessment

Inter RAO Group conducts an annual assessment of its personnel with the key objectives to:

  • monitor personnel performance;
  • determine needs for professional training and personal development of the personnel;
  • develop the staff route;
  • identify efficient and highly effective employees;
  • revise the salaries of employees within the scope of the approved budget.

The personnel assessment approach 360 Degrees is applied to revise the basic salaries of the Company's employees. This assessment has been conducted annually for all executives of Group companies since 2015.

The innovative personnel assessment system Business Sociometry AZIMUT 2.0 was introduced to assess the efficiency of the management teams. The system makes it possible to promptly identify problems in the interaction of employees and units and to assess the input and competences of each employee.

Professional training, staff development

Thanks to the introduction of advanced training programs for the personnel, the Group provides a high qualification level for employees, as well as work safety and compliance that meets the requirements and regulations of external regulators. Moreover, the professional training system is an additional non-material remuneration tool for employees.

In 2017, the percentage of employees who had completed mandatory training amounted to an average of 47.4% in the Group. This is a 7.9% increase compared to 2016.

Training of staff is carried out in a variety of forms, including intramural training, internship and job training, and distance learning using advanced technologies, such as online training, webinars, micro training, internal training.

Candidate pool

The Company pays much attention to building a talent pool, which is mainly used to fill vacant positions internally. The operating and strategic reserve is formed by creating a system of organizational and training measures that enable us to identify prospective candidates from among the company employees for a position, and to ensure their professional development and preparedness for taking up the higher positions.