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Social Policy

Social policy

One of the key tools for non-material motivation of the company's personnel are social benefits and guarantees for employees. The development of non-material incentives is of great importance both for the personnel policy of Inter RAO Group and for the development of the Group's HR brand.

In 2017, the costs of social programs for employees amounted to RUB 10.87 billion, compared to RUB 5.20 billion the year before.

These programs are being implemented in the following key areas:

  • life and work safety of employees;
  • health and activity of employees;
  • support of young specialists;
  • professional career development;
  • support for the candidate pool and the best employees;
  • help for young families;
  • improving the well-being of employees;
  • help for pensioners;
  • maintaining a high level of culture at the facilities.

The Group companies provide extensive support to their employees in various circumstances, pay serious attention to the treatment and recovery of their personnel, and provide them with free medical aid and health resort treatment.