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In 2020, Inter RAO continued its work on the effective implementation of charity projects and the advancement of best practices to the companies of the Group to solve social problems in certain regions.

1 525 376 Number of people, who received aid in 2020.

The Group's charity policy in selecting projects is determined by the following principles:

  • Targeted orientation
    Allocation of money and other funds to an individual or legal entity for specific purposes with subsequent control of their intended expenditure.
  • Efficacy
    Achieving a specific result, including influencing the principal activity (supporting corporate values, contributing to the implementation of the Strategy, etc.).
  • Integrity
    Evaluation of programs and projects in terms of their social effectiveness and compliance with the goals, priorities, and principles of charity and sponsorship activities.
  • Effectiveness
    Achieving the intended results using the smallest amount of funds.
  • Territoriality
    Implementation of charity and sponsorship projects in territories, where the Company has production, commercial, or other interests relating to business development.
  • Long-term benefits
    Investment in the future of those regions that the Company considers promising in terms of business development.
  • Availability and transparency
    Ensuring a transparent and effective system for monitoring of intended expenditure.
Key charity focus

PJSC Inter RAO actively participates in the economic and social life of all regions of its presence not limiting its participation to one-time donations but pursuing a policy of comprehensive social responsibility with a mandatory condition of complete transparency. Projects in the following seven areas are traditionally supported and implemented:

  • Support for industry veterans, veterans, and disabled veterans of combat operations.
  • Support of society strata exposed to social risks.
  • Support of educational and healthcare institutions and grassroots and youth sports facilities.
  • Support of environment protection organizations and ecological reserves.
  • Support for artists.
  • Support of cultural events.
  • Financing of sites of historical and cultural value.

In 2020, the priority was given to projects to help fight the pandemic in Russia and abroad and also the projects aimed at support of educational and healthcare institutions and grassroots and youth sports facilities. In addition, serious attention was paid to the support of industry veterans, veterans and disabled veterans of combat operations.

Scope of socially beneficial investments

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