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Company Registrar 8–800–700–03–70
Bolshaya Pirogovskaya ulitsa, 27 building 2, Moskva, Russia, 119435  ·   +7 (495) 664–88–40   ·



Being actively involved in charity, Inter RAO makes a strong contribution to the development of the regions of its presence.

Among other things, Inter RAO supports charitable projects in the following areas:

  • Support of educational and medical institutions
  • Support of youth and grassroots sports
  • Support of cultural projects
  • Support to energy industry veterans and war veterans.

The charity activities of the Group are conducted in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Charity Concept of Inter RAO Group – targeting, effectiveness, objectivity and efficiency, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Energy to reduce costs.

In 2019, more than 400 charitable projects were implemented according to the principle of targeted allocation of money and other forms of support for specific purposes of individuals or legal entities

The main key areas of charity and sponsorship of Inter RAO Group include:

  • support of vulnerable social groups; 
  • support of educational institutions and healthcare facilities, mass and youth sports; 
  • support programmes for industry veterans, combat veterans and the disabled;
  • assistance to artists, cultural activities, financing of objects of historical and cultural value;
  • support of environmental organisations and environmental reserves.