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Local Communities

Local Communities

Cooperation with authorities and public organizations in the regions of presence of subsidiaries remained one of the priorities of Inter RAO in 2019. The cooperation was based on the principles of openness, dialog, and partnership, as well as on cooperation agreements that set the general frameworks and principles for joint activities.

Main areas for development of regions of presence

The cooperation is carried out in the following main areas:

  • Implementation of a set of measures to improve the reliability of electricity and heat supply to consumers and prevent an increase in heat and electricity shortage.
  • Implementation of measures to save energy and improve the energy efficiency of enterprises, budgetary institutions, and housing and municipal services by participating in consulting working groups of the regional authorities on energy and utilities, increasing the accessibility and efficiency of the regional energy infrastructure, organizing and conducting training sessions devoted to the basics of energy efficiency for employees and students at schools and universities.
  • Initiatives focused on social and economic development of the regions, contributing to their industrial potential and increasing investment attractiveness, creating new jobs and providing conditions for increasing tax revenues to the regional budgets.
  • Cooperation on the environmental issues and creating conditions for improving population living standards, including by participation in the regional coordination councils on environmental protection and rational nature management.
  • Cooperation with the regional scientific and technological community, advanced training of employees based on regional universities, and personnel training.
  • Working on tariff setting and reduction of receivables.
Major regional initiatives

The Group implements network social projects simultaneously in several regions of presence of the Company thereby achieving a significant social effect. The projects are adapted to the needs of specific regions.

  • Energy of Memory and Kindness
    This project has acquired particular significance on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The project goal is to provide charity support to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, survivors of the siege, workers of labor fronts, and prisoners of concentration camps. In 2019, the project was implemented in 22 regions of presence of the Group. The projects on restoration and improvement of memorial complexes and monuments to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War were implemented. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the regions of presence of the Group received targeted financial support. Household appliances, food, and basic essentials were procured. The Group employees participated in large-scale city and regional events and celebrations dedicated to the Victory Day and the International Day for the Elderly.
  • Beacon of Hope
    The project aims to help disabled children and their families. In total, 32 projects were implemented in the Group during the year. Within the framework of the project, funds were allocated for the purchase of rehabilitation and medical equipment, for training parents of disabled children in behavioral therapy techniques. Also, medicines, food, household appliances, etc. were procured. Many rehabilitation, sports, and cultural events were organized and held for the disabled.
  • Energy of Sport
    The project goal is to support sports for children and young people and promote sports culture and a healthy lifestyle among young people. In 2019, the Group implemented 46 projects. As part of the projects, a major repair of a hockey indoor court at the ice arena of the Sports and Recreation Complex in Verkhny Tagil was performed; construction of a hockey court in Novy Urengoy was completed; sports equipment and outfit for the junior sports schools were purchased. In addition, the Group provides targeted assistance to Paralympic athletes. The aim is to create favorable conditions for training and to provide the athletes with the necessary equipment.
  • Light and Warmth for Children
    The goal of the project is to help orphans and children left without parental care by purchasing basic necessities, medicines, medical equipment, sports equipment, as well as organizing sports and artistic activities for children. 31 institutions have received aid.
  • The Best Fir Tree
    On New Year’s Eve, as is customary, employees of the companies of the Group organized and held celebrations for orphans and troubled children in 28 orphanages, boarding schools, and specialized medical institutions. One of the most exciting events was organized in the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital in Moscow, where more than 300 children with severe diseases, who are being treated at this institution, took part in the celebration.

The Company also implements several social programs outside the Russian Federation.