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Phone number for shareholders: 8–800–700–03–70
(JSC VTB Registrator, free call in Russia)
Bolshaya Pirogovskaya ulitsa, 27 building 2, Moskva, Russia, 119435  ·   +7 (495) 664–88–40   ·

Investment attractiveness

Investment in Inter RAO’s shares is a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the capital of a major international diversified energy group that is widely represented in such segments as generation of electric and thermal power, distribution and sale of electric power, trading and engineering.
Source: Companies’ data, 31.12.2019
*As of 31.12.2020
3rd place
Source: Companies’ data, as of 31.12.2020
4th place
Source: Global Energy Statistical Yearbok, 31.12.2019
*As of 31.12.2020
5th place
Source: Bloomberg, 31.12.2019
4th place
4th place
1st place
1st place
1 PLACE in the Russian Federation
for profitability of thermal generation
1 PLACE in the Russian Federation
according to   volumes
  input capacities
2 place in RF
by load thermalgeneration
1 PLACE in the RF
for output volumes
  • In its operations, the Company is guided by the Corporate Governance Code, a document setting out corporate governance standards.
  • Independent directors make up one third of the Board of Directors.
  • There are a Remuneration and Nomination Committee and an Audit Committee of the Board of Directors comprised of independent directors.
  • A dividend policy has been devised by the Company, approved by the Board of Directors and disclosed on the Company’s website.
  • The Company regularly discloses information on its financial and operating activities.
  1. Creation of a large diversified group in the Russian energy industry through the acquisition of individual businesses and their subsequent integration into Inter RAO Group
  2. Achieving stable and sustainable growth of key financial indicators
  3. Increasing operational efficiency across all main business segments
  4. Successful implementation the investment program and the commissioned over 6 GW of new generating capacities under the contracts for capacity supply (CCS)
  5. Sale of minority stakes worth a total of over RUB 130 billion
  1. The balance of interests of the Company’s management and shareholders is ensured through a two-year options program (totaling 2% of the authorized capital) - 2016-2018
  2. The remuneration of the management is tied to the achievement of KPIs aimed at attaining strategic targets
  3. The remuneration of the management is tied to the achievement of KPIs aimed at attaining strategic targets