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Open innovations

An open innovation model assumes active interaction of the Company with the environment in the course of innovative activities for exchanging technologies, knowledge and competencies.

Taking into account the relevance and possibilities provided by the open innovation model, the following tools are used within the scope of innovative activities of the Company:

1. Single Window of Open Innovations within which the Company can define relevant issues and the participants of the innovative environment can help to address such issues by submitting ideas and innovative proposals.

Any individual, staff or organization may submit an innovative proposal by forming a package of documents on the web-page of the Innovations Window information portal.

2. Innovations Management Platform representing a site and unified approaches to life cycle, interaction of the participants and knowledge accumulation in the field of innovations.

3. The Accelerator is a site for attracting and selecting external challenging ideas for implementation or adaptation/fine tuning of a minimally viable product to the requirements of Inter RAO Group.

Learn more about the Energy accelerator launched in 2020.

4. R&D Support Foundation for funding applied research in the key areas of innovative development.

Learn more about Energy Without Borders foundation.

5. Public events for attracting ideas, competencies, experience of the external participants of innovative environment (contests, exhibitions, seminars, sessions).