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Key areas of innovative development

The main areas of innovative development of the Company in the key segments of business for the mid and long-run are the following:

1) In the Power Generation and Heat Generation segments:

  • modernization of the generation equipment of thermal power plants (TPPs) using Russian innovative equipment, hardware and IT;
  • improvement of technical and environmental indicators of TPPs;
  • improvement of the reliability and mobility of the existing steam-power equipment of TPPs to the level of the best international practices;
  • development of equipment life cycle management systems, development of technological systems, buildings and facilities of TPPs on the basis of the digital transformation technologies;
  • improvement of TPPs automation level;
  • improvement of professional training quality, level of production and occupational safety of TPPs personnel;
  • continuous improvement of organizational, financial and economic management of production and non-production tangible assets, as well as intangible assets, through the implementation of end-to-end digital technologies.

2) In the Sales segment:

  • improvement of the efficiency and quality of services related to electricity sales to households and other consumers;
  • extension of the range and the scope of supplementary maintenance services provided to electricity consumers.