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Social policy

Social policy

The main priorities of the company’s policy as an employer:

  • Security of life and work of employees;
  • Health protection;
  • Career advancement and the improvement of professional knowledge and skills;
  • Support for young families;
  • Care for children and pensioners.

Examples of Inter RAO corporate social programs:

  • Non-Governmental Pension Program (NGPP) focused on social support for workers close to retirement and of retirement age.
  • For each subsidiary of Inter RAO there is an action plan for improvement and enhancement of working conditions, under which harmful and dangerous factors negatively affecting the health of the employees will be minimized or eliminated.
  • As part of the Inter RAO Worker Health and Activity social program, company employees may receive medical assistance via voluntary medical insurance programs. This will help to reduce the risk of seasonal ailments and to minimize the risks related to harmful working conditions as well as to promote healthy lifestyles. Inter RAO constantly holds corporate sports and fitness events: competitions and tournaments, sports holidays and sporting events. Employees have the opportunity for regular sports training in the best sports organizations in the region and are allocated permits for medical rehabilitation and preventive treatment.